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Losing a job. Tragedy in life of any kind sucks...but I could deal with that better if I was handsome. To me it’s the ultimate freedom. To KNOW...actually KNOW that I was handsome would be so liberating. To know if I took a camera out in any setting and turned it on myself, that I’d look photogenic to me is the thing I desire most. The peace of mind. I don’t mind looking tired. Or ignore my hair was a mess. But if my facial bone structure screamed HANDSOME...it wouldn’t matter. I’d be on a high.

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free granny sex chat I’d travel around the world. Flirt like crazy. Smile and unleash my inner creativity. I’d be spontaneous and BECOME the free spirit adventurer I always imagined myself to be. Whether I was dating someone or not, it wouldn’t matter. I’d KNOW I was handsome and could date anytime I wanted. If I lost a job. Or the economy tanked or some tragedy befell me, Is feel the pain, but then it’d be balanced out with KNOWING I was handsome. There is NOTHING more powerful than getting attention from women. Sex, love, romance. When you are handsome, you are never truly alone...and you KNOW IT. And even if you were, you’d look in the mirror and KNOW you could attract women if you wanted.


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I was expecting some maritime homoerotic fiction given the space between hard and ship


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